Now it’s Winter!

Ok, so technically that title is incorrect. It is still Autumn but it definitely feels like Winter now! There has been a morning frost on more than one occasion and my big, cosy coats are out…not to mention the hats, scarves, gloves etc!

With Christmas just around the corner (less than a month now, sorry for the reminder!), it really does feel like Winter now. The decorations are out (not in my house…yet), the Christmas stalls are in full swing in the town centre, and the seasonal coffees are out in Costa as well. I have indulged in one and it was delicious like they are every year!ย 

Anyway, it got me thinking. About what I have enjoyed so far since the colder weather has hit and what I am looking forward to as the Winter months progress. So, here it is, my roundup of my main Winter treats.

Thick socks

There is something extra cosy about settling down on the sofa with a pair of thick socks keeping my toes toasty!

Dressing gowns

I honestly would leave the house in mine if I thought I could get away with it! Just like my thick socks, I feel especially snug if I have a dressing gown on over my pyjamas/ comfy clothes.

Hot drinks

Now, I will drink a coffee at any point of the day throughout the year but nothing quite compares to getting home and leaving the cold outside before settling down with a hot drink, yummy!

Having a bath

Again, I can always find an excuse to enjoy a soak in the bath but it’s guilt-free when you have been chilled to the bone and HAVE to warm up!


Specifically on the sofa. Snuggling under a blanket whilst watching a film or a favourite show is a real treat, particularly if I’m tired or feeling a little poorly. Actually, who am I kidding? I don’t have to be tired or poorly to wrap up in a blanket!

Hearty meals

Shepherds pie, corned beef hash, a roast dinner, again guilt-free this time of year. It’s vital for keeping you going!


Ok, hear me out. I know it sucks when you’re running late for work and the car needs to defrost before you can get going BUT if you don’t have to go anywhere and instead can just look at the frost in the trees or on the grass, it’s really pretty!


So much more comforting when you are cold!

So, there it is, my list of the main things I enjoy when the weather turns colder. Would you agree with my list or have I missed something obvious? Please let me know!

Until the next time…Jess xย 

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