Autumn is here!

That picture above? It’s one of the last ones I took before Autumn hit and I wanted to put it in here because it represents one of the main things that I miss about Summer. As I have mentioned in my Going for a wander post I love getting out and about walking and when it is Summer the green of the trees is one of the best sights! Pushing through thick trees and bushes makes a walk a little more magical and adventurous…for me it does anyway! 

Having said that, Autumn has a lot to offer as well! Crunchy orange and gold leaves underfoot, a chance to feel cosy layering up with a scarf and a hat to name just two! It’s not just about getting out and about for me either, I love a night in on the sofa with a blanket, some thick socks and a hot drink. It’s extra special when it has gotten dark by 6pm as well!


Autumn also brings two really fun holidays: Halloween and Bonfire Night. I’m a far bigger fan of Bonfire Night than Halloween because I really enjoy fireworks, but both are fun! My boyfriend has a tradition of carving pumpkins, the photo above is one of his creations. He’s pretty talented isn’t he?! This is something he makes sure he does with his son every year which is super cute! Another tradition he keeps to is lighting fireworks every year, something we did again for this Bonfire Night and all really enjoyed! I say we, I kept far away from the firework lighting! I did enjoy making patterns with my sparkler though! 

I’m determined to make the most of Autumn because, before we know it, Winter will be here! What do you enjoy most about this season? Or does Autumn serve no purpose for you besides reminding you that it’s a long wait for Summer to come back?

Until the next time… Jess x



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