Happy Roald Dahl Day!

So, it’s September 13th. Which just so happens to be Roald Dahl Day; a fun celebration held on the anniversary of his birthday and, as he is one of my favourite authors, I thought it would be fitting to put a post up on this day.

I’m not sure if you have heard of Roald Dahl Day before but it is an unofficial holiday designed to be a celebration of all his amazing and wonderful character creations.

Roald Dahl has such an extensive catalogue of literature that I wouldn’t attempt to cover everything in one post, so, instead, I thought that I would share my three favourite Roald Dahl stories with you.



Published in 1988 it tells the tale of an incredibly gifted little girl who is misunderstood within her family. She finds a kindred spirit in her teacher Miss Honey, and together, with the help of a little magic, they defeat the evil Miss Trunchball and teach others, namely Matilda’s father Mr Wormwood, some important lessons along the way.

This book, is my favourite Roald Dahl book! But why is it my favourite?

1 – I have read it so many times that I have lost count and yet, as silly as it may sound, I enjoy every read as much as the first!

2 – I can relate to a young girl that just wants to learn. Call me a geek, a knowledge sponge etc etc but, I just really enjoy learning new things!

3 – I love that Matilda is magical, and yet, only wants to use her magic for good reasons. The story is a child-friendly tale of good vs evil, where good triumphs in the end!



Published in 1981 it tells the tale of George and his super grumpy grandma. George is left alone with his grandma one Saturday morning with the task to administer her medicine. When she is completely awful to him, (as she is every time that they are left alone) he decides to concoct his own, special brew, which of course leads to many unexpected and mind-blowing results!

So, how has this book made it into second place in my top three?

1 – Because it is jam packed with humour. Every time that I read this story it makes me laugh to see the ingredients George selects and the effects that they have on his nasty grandma!

2 – The relationship between George and Mr Kranky. It’s really heartwarming how the two characters interact, not only when George’s actions are discovered, but particularly when they attempt to create the medicine a second time.

3 – How the story ends. It’s very fitting that grandma should shrink down into nothing when she spent her time making those around her feel small.



Published in 1980 it tells the tale of Mr and Mrs Twit, a gruesome couple who get their comeuppance when the poor monkeys that they keep locked up in the garden rebel against them!

And why has this book made it into my top three?

1 – Because it is a story where bad people get a taste of their own medicine (no, I’m not back to talking about George). Mr and Mrs Twit are awful to each other and everybody around them, particularly the birds that they trap with glue to put in pies and the monkeys that they keep caged and forced to live upside down. In the end, to see Mr and Mrs Twit not only forced upside down, but glued in that position is just what they deserve!

2 – I remember having a copy of this book as a child and reading it over and over and if I wasn’t reading it I was flicking through the illustrations, and, so, it has that sentimental importance for me.

3 – The fact that it teaches us that despite there being horrible people in the world, they can be overcome and defeated. Simply put, when this story is taken just for what it is, there is actually a really strong message of hope!

That last word: hope. It’s perhaps the most important word in this post because it is the word that, I believe, best encompasses Roald Dahl’s stories.

We should always have hope because good can overcome the bad.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books and why?

Until the next time…Jess x

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