I love ‘me time’!

I was chatting with my other half last night and we were talking about the fact that even though we love spending time with each other and other people, we also both really enjoy, and need, a good dose of ‘me time’ as well.

I’m not a loner, far from it. I love socialising with my friends, family and boyfriend but I have realised over time that I also need some time to myself as well. In fact, I remember having this conversation with my dad before and he told me that he actually doesn’t hate his 45min work commute because it gives him a little bit of quiet time to himself (I’m presuming this is still the case, but who knows, maybe it does his head in now). For myself, it remains unchanged, if I go a little while without some ‘me time’ I really crave it an escape!

So, why do I need time to myself?

The short answer is I don’t really know. The longer answer is that I think it is just that I like to disappear into my thoughts and do some things that I enjoy without any distractions or a feeling of obligation towards being invested in the person or people around me.

What do I like to do when I have time to myself?

This varies, sometimes something and sometimes nothing. I might have a bath, watch something, read a book, write, or maybe I will go for a sneaky nap. Whatever I end up getting up to though, I enjoy not having to make conversation or consider what somebody else might want to do, or feel like I need to make time fun. I’m not being mean saying that, I’m just saying that I try really hard to be considerate of whoever is around me so it is nice once in while to forget that and simply focus on me; no pressure.ย 

Do you need ‘me time’ too? Or do you like to have people around you always? I certainly know a couple of people who, like me, enjoy a little solo escapism, but, equally, I know a couple of people who would much rather be around somebody else all the time.ย 

To be honest, there is no right or wrong. I guess it is just about recognising and doing what is right for you. I am glad that the boyfriend and I had a little chat about it though because now both of us can disappear off for half an hour if we choose to without worrying that the other one may take offence, and maybe more importantly, without risking an impromptu bickering session (I’m joking).

Until the next time…Jess x

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