Is it just me that feels better when the sun is shining?

I have woken up today to a beautiful sunny day, it’s warm outside without being unbearable and already I feel more awake, ready to take on the day, and, just generally happy. Now, perhaps I am just in a good mood today and even if it was tipping it down with rain (never far away where I live) I would still be smiling. Indeed, there are many rainy days where I feel good but what I am trying to say is that I ALWAYS feel good when the sun is out. I find it easier to cope with being tired, having errands to run etc etc.

I am aware of Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a form of depression associated with the seasons. Most often it is associated with people who struggle through the winter months due to reduced sunlight exposure. Although there are cases where people suffer the opposite. Through research, I have found symptoms can include, but are not limited to: irritability, lethargy and weight gain. After reading about this disorder, I can confidently confirm that I am not a sufferer. I am, instead, just somebody who functions better when the sun is shining.


I started thinking about WHY I am happier when the sun is out and some of the reasons surprised me because they seemed, dare I say it, a little silly and because they weren’t what I was expecting. By this I mean, yes, I’m happy when it’s sunny because it is warm and the landscape looks great, but doesn’t it look beautiful when there is a winter sun glistening over a morning frost also? And that sun definitely isn’t warm!

So, back to my reasons.

I like to look out and just see that it is bright outside. It gives me motivation to ‘get on with it’. I enjoy not having to scramble around for a coat etc, I can wear what I want to without worrying about ‘what if it rains, these shoes will get ruined’ and this is just as well, because as a person who is ALWAYS running late, time saved looking for a coat or umbrella is precious time!

There are more options for what I am going to do with my day (if I’m not in work that is), I can go to the beach or a park for a walk, you can read in my previous Going for a wander post about why I enjoy walking.

It’s easier to run errands; boring stuff like a food shop or stocking up on cleaning supplies is so much more straightforward when I am only juggling bags and car keys without trying to hold a hood on my head or an umbrella above it!

Mostly though, I simply prefer the look of the sun and a bright blue sky full of fluffy clouds. I will always choose that over puddles and a grey sky.


As I said above, I am not dictated to by the weather, I absolutely will be that person getting drenched running from shop to car to house, and I have no aversion to boots and a coat for a walk in the rain, but I’m just much happier when I wake up to see the sun shining. It always makes me smile more! What weather makes you happiest? Do you feel better when the sun is shining or does it not make any difference to you?

Until the next time…Jess x

6 thoughts on “Is it just me that feels better when the sun is shining?

  1. Nope when the sun is out Iโ€™m 100% happier like my solar cells are being recharged through my skin, I walk with a bounce in my step and I constantly smile at everyone, I even say good morning to strangers which I get funny looks for but Iโ€™m brimming with joy and energy and want to pass it on.
    P.s Jess I love your blogs


    1. Thanks for your comment! It made me smile to read your words! I think it’s great that you say good morning to strangers that you pass, it’s lovely to pass on a good mood to somebody else! Jess x


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