Lots and lots of lists

I love lists! Shall I make a list here telling you all the reasons why I love lists? Oh, wait, I can’t tick anything off on here so maybe not. I’ll go for some good old bullet points instead…

• Lists help me to prioritise. I write down things that I need to do and then I read back over it and number each task in order of importance. That way I make sure to get the most important tasks done first.

• Clearing up some brain space. If I have it written down then I don’t need to remember it. What’s funny though is that as soon as I have something written down, I never forget to do it. That’s sods law isn’t it?! As soon as the responsibility of remembering is gone it’s ingrained on my memory.

• The enjoyment of ticking off a completed task. I must confess I am guilty of writing something on a list that I have already done, just so I can immediately tick it off. It’s a compulsion, I can’t help it!

• The satisfaction of completion. It’s bloody rewarding to have a list of things to do and go from looking at it wondering how I’m ever going to get through it to staring smugly at it all written down knowing I have finished it all!

• A great visual aid to show off. If I have had a busy and productive day it is great to show a scrap of paper to my boyfriend with lots of things ticked off just to hammer home the point of how productive I have been. Ok, this one is a joke…well, kind of.

Do you like lists? Or have you read this thinking what is she going on about? Let me know in the comments.

Until the next time…Jess x

9 thoughts on “Lots and lots of lists

  1. Hello fellow list lover. Can’t express how much I love a list. Like you say the satisfaction of crossing everything off is amazing. I too have to confess to putting completed tasks on a list just so I can cross them off. I have even been known to write “Make a list” on a list. Writing things down definitely helps me to remember things as well. Your blog today really made me smile. Keep going with it. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts.


    1. I have found that I much prefer a traditional pen and paper so I can physically tick something off or cross something out. I always carry a notebook but if I am stuck somewhere where I only have my phone on me I start a list on my phone only to write it down in a notebook when I get the chance. I tell myself that’s better than a pocket full of scrap paper! Thanks for your comment, glad to know somebody else shares my quirks!


      1. I generally use my phone for lists these days as I’m getting a bit precious about paper and the environment. I also love to delete as I go along and just leave the day at the top with a blank page below. I quite often make a list for the week divided into individual days.


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