Just because it makes me smile

I have mentioned before that Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors. Alongside many copies of many books I have a notebook with favourite quotes and facts that I have come across over time and liked enough to write down. So, when I sat down to write and couldn’t think of what I wanted to post I was getting a little frustrated to say the least! Until I thought; why not open that notebook and share some of the favourite quotes because they make me smile and I hope they will make you smile too!

Roald Dahl quote 1

I love this quote because it is so empowering! It is worded in such a matter of fact way that I can’t help but to feel motivated every time I read it!

Roald Dahl quote 2

This one reminds me that there is magic everywhere, I just have to recognise it. It’s not looking for a wand and broomstick after all!

Roald Dahl quote 3

Even if we don’t realise, somebody else will.

Roald Dahl quote 4

This suggestion is reason enough to try to always have good thoughts, of course there are many other reasons also!

When I looked through my collection these four quotes stood out as being my favourites. There are many others I could have chosen but I picked these because they are significant to me and just because it makes me smile to read them. Please feel free to share a significant quote that means something to you!

Until the next time…Jess x


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