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Soothing sensitive skin

For as long as I can remember I have been in a constant battle with my sensitive skin, not to mention my purse strings also! I have seen lots of amazing high-end products that I’m sure would work wonders for me but unfortunately, I have all the boring outgoings that comes with ‘adulting’. I’m not sure my landlord would accept a message saying ‘Hey, sorry I skipped rent this month but check out these goodies I got instead’!

So, I have, over many years tried and tested some more purse friendly options and I have managed to find some really reasonably priced items that keep my skin far away from a mixture of ‘ooh have you sunburnt?’ and ‘I hope you are charging those unwelcome friends that have taken up residence on your chin’!

I have a really annoying skin type or rather types. I have dry patches, oily patches and as I said at the start it is super sensitive! So here are four staple products that I am never without and won’t send my skin or indeed my bank balance into a panic…

This is liquid gold for my face! I use it to remove my makeup and give my skin the initial clean that it needs at the end of the day. It claims that: ‘SKIN IS LEFT FEELING SOFT, SOOTHED & CARED FOR’ which I know, is pretty generic claims for a micellar water but it does achieve exactly that! It leaves a makeup pad satisfyingly covered and my skin feeling fresh and clean without being too dried out. I have been using it for months now and I have really noticed a change, and by change I mean a huge reduction in how angry my skin looks and feels once my makeup is off.

This is the next step in my routine, I apply this after I have used the micellar water just to make sure that not only all of my makeup is gone but that my skin is squeaky clean! It claims that it: ‘Gently exfoliates your skin to remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells.’ I find it definitely does! I rarely have a spot claiming squatters rights on my face these days and I think it is because this product gets rid of any left over bad stuff waiting to attack my pores! A little tip that I find really helps me is to splash my face with warm water first to open my pores and cold water for washing off to close them back up again!

Boots expert skincare have many more products in the range which I’m sure are equally great but when it comes to moisturiser I spend slightly more; not much more though, because, rent needs paying remember! I use a different brand to moisturise because the boots sensitive option is not anti-ageing and I’m not getting any younger! Which leads me to my staple day and night cream…

Simple REGENERATION age resisting DAY CREAM £5.99
Now, I’m 28 so not old by any means but old enough that I want to prevent any pesky, unnecessary wrinkles! This has green tea extract which ‘fights premature ageing’, mushroom extract which ‘refines skin tone’, oat-beta glucan to ‘reduce sensitivity’ and allantoin which ‘actively soothes’ (hear my skin cheer)! It’s also packed with vitamins B5 and E to ‘soften, smooth and improve skin condition’ and it has no perfumes or colors to provoke my skin into an angry outburst! I pop this on every morning and it keeps my skin moisturised throughout the day even with makeup on top! It sinks in super quickly so you don’t have to fight the urge to wipe it off, it lasts for ages because you only need a small amount per application and it seems to be keeping the wrinkles away…for now!

Simple REGENERATION age resisting NIGHT CREAM £5.99
This is pretty much exactly the same as the day cream, except, yep, you guessed it, this one goes on at the end of the day (I’m great at stating the obvious). It’s got a few additional nutrients which are: ginkgo biloba to ‘refine and regenerate’, shea butter and borage seed to ‘nuture and replenish’ and chamomile which I would rather as a cup of tea but if it works for my face, I’ll take it! As you can imagine this one is a lot richer in consistency but that’s fine because I’m not running late for work when this goes on so it can take all the time it needs to sink in! It may take slightly longer to absorb but it isn’t uncomfortable or gloopy on the skin so I don’t tend to notice it. What I do notice is that when I wake up in the morning my skin is comfortable, soft and feeling refreshed and that will do me just fine!

I’m interested to know what skincare staples you swear by or maybe you don’t? Perhaps you mix it up all the time? Either way, please feel free to leave a comment below! I hope this post has helped, as somebody who has definitely felt self-conscious when my skin hasn’t been at it’s best, I’m happy to have found a solution that works for me…fingers crossed it lasts!
Until the next time…Jess x


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