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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to ‘beyondthefrontcover’! Thank you for making your way here! I want to kick off by sharing with you some questions that I asked myself when I began this journey.

1, Why should this blog be read?

Well, first and foremost it is for enjoyment! When I explained this to people around me, I simply said: “I want to provide a few minutes to ‘ahhhh’ and switch off from the boredom/stress/whatever it might be that distracts you in life.”

2, Who is this blog for?

This question threw up a couple of surprises. Initially I thought well, it is obvious, it’s going to be for a woman. Why? Well, because I am one. But then I thought nah forget that, it is for anybody and everybody. It is for people who need a giggle (those who know me, as I hope you will get to, will roll their eyes, smile and say yep everything is a pun, a joke, a prank, a sarcastic comment). But, that’s me, if I can do or say something that gives another person a smile, even just for a moment then it is worth it, no matter what I look or sound like doing it and I hope that this blog provides that for you because it helps and it is needed, even if we don’t realise it. That’s not to say that everything will be light-hearted, I plan to touch on a whole range of different subjects. Essentially, I want to talk about life, so, I hope this blog will have something for everyone, fingers crossed!

3, What do I call it?

This was a really tricky one! I thought it would be easy to come up with a name…how naïve of me! An entire notebook of scribbles later; most in screwed up balls of paper surrounding my feet and I realised it is actually really hard to think of a name that is ‘just right’.
I finally, (with some help) decided upon ‘beyond the front cover’ because it is a symbol. It is a way to explain that not everything is as it seems on the surface. I have anxieties and fears and I am horrifically indecisive but when you look beyond my front cover, one that at times portrays a strong, confident person, you will see deep down that I am just trying to navigate my way through life like everybody else. I believe that everybody has a front cover with much more lying beneath.

4, What will be my first post?

Well, this resulted in another notebook fit to burst with ideas that again seemed ‘not quite right’. You are reading the answer to this question though so how did I do?

I want to finish up by sharing that I have a passion for writing and despite the fear of my writing being judged I am so excited to share it and I really hope you will interact and talk back to me. Yes, that is an invitation! So, after doing what I do best which is ramble on for ages I guess I am saying thanks for reaching this page and I hope you find your way back here again!

Until the next time…Jess x


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